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On January 19, 2007, the FAA granted EAA exemption #8828 to allow Sport Pilot flight instructors who do not hold private pilot category and class privileges in Powered Parachute (PPC) and/or Weight-Shift-Control (WSC) aircraft the authority to train other pilots to private pilot standards if they hold a private pilot (or higher) certificate in any other category and class. The exemption specifically exempts these Sport Pilot flight instructors from the requirements of FAR 61.415(b)(1).

This exemption has been renewed every 2 years. The current exemption #8828C expires on January 31, 2015. Instructors must renew their exemption with EAA to remain authorized.

This exemption allows pilots receiving this training to obtain their private pilot PPC and/or WSC certificates after completing the required PTS evaluation.

NOTE: Until Sport Pilot flight instructors receive a night flight endorsement from an authorized Sport Pilot Examiner, this exemption does not grant authority for Sport Pilot flight instructors conducting the private pilot PPC and/or WSC training to provide night flight training. The PPC and/or WSC private pilot certificate issued to these pilots will include a statement “Night Flight Restricted.” Sport Pilot Instructors requesting more information on the specific private pilot PPC and WSC night flight training endorsements and restrictions are encouraged to contact the FAA Light Sport Aircraft Branch, 405-954-6400.

The FAA has granted EAA the authority to issue Exemption number 8828 to individual certificated Sport Pilot flight instructors:

  1. Who are a current EAA member;
  2. Who hold at least a private pilot certificate (any category and class); and
  3. Who hold the corresponding powered parachute or weight-shift-control aircraft privileges at the Sport Pilot instructor certificate level.

The current exemption #8828C has a termination date of January 31, 2015. The termination date on your EAA authorization letter will match your EAA membership expiration date, but not to exceed the January 31, 2015 FAA date. If your EAA membership expires within 8 months of applying for this exemption, it would be in your best interest to call the EAA Membership department (800-564-6322) to renew your membership prior to applying for this exemption.

Prior to applying to EAA for authorization to use this exemption, you are required to read the exemption in order to understand its conditions and limitations. FAA Exemption 8828.

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