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Become a Sport Pilot Instructor

If you’d like to become a sport pilot instructor, the following chart lists the aeronautical experience you must acquire before being eligible to be a sport pilot flight instructor (CFI-SP).

If you are applying for a flight instructor certificate with a sport pilot rating for…

Then you must have at least this much flight time…


150 hours

Powered Parachute

100 hours

Weight Shift Control

150 hours


125 hours


25 hours and at least 100 flights or 100 hours of heavier-than-air pilot time and at least 20 glider flights.

Lighter Than Air - Airship

100 hours

Lighter Than Air - Balloon

35 hours

In addition to the flight time, you will need to train with a flight instructor on the knowledge and flying skills needed to become an instructor. Once your instructor is convinced you meet the FAA standard for sport pilot flight instructor, he or she will endorse your logbook to take the following tests. Note that there is no specified amount of training time required.

    • Knowledge Test (“written”)– an aeronautical test based on the aircraft category in which you wish to instruct.

    • Fundamentals of Instruction (“FOI”)- a general test regarding training and learning theory

    • Practical Test (“checkride”). The test is a combination of demonstrating knowledge, teaching skills, and piloting skills.

Upon successful completion of these tests, you’ll be a CFI for sport pilot!

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