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The FAA just released the new order that describes the required procedures for individuals to be selected, trained, and appointed as new FAA light-sport aircraft Designated Airworthiness Representatives (LSA-DAR). FAA Order 8130.33 combines the existing FAA Amateur-Built (AB) Aircraft DAR application procedures with the new LSA-DAR procedures. It also combines individual Flight Standards (FSDO) and Airworthiness Office (MIDO) DAR selection processes into a central selection process under the control of the National Examiner Board (NEB) in keeping with FAA’s “One AVR” philosophy.

To become an FAA DAR for either (or all) FAA function codes--46 (AB DAR), 47 (experimental LSA or ELSA), or 48 (special LSA or SLSA)—individuals need to follow the procedures outlined in the new FAA Order.

Each application packet must include the following completed forms; instructions are contained within FAA Order 8130.33:

    1. FAA Form 8110-14

    2. Amateur-Built and Light-Sport Qualification Supplement (all forms in the FAA Order 8130.33, Appendix 1, Figure 2)

    3. Recommending Organization Letter

    4. Three Verifiable Character References (must use the form on page 13 in Appendix 1, of FAA Order 8130.33 for each reference)

    5. Three Verifiable Technical References (must use the form on page 10 in Appendix 1, of FAA Order 8130.33 for each reference)

    6. The AB/LSA DAR Applicant General Knowledge test (located on pages 14-19 in Appendix 1, of FAA Order 8130.33

Individuals wishing to receive a recommending organization letter from EAA must:

    1. Be a member of EAA, and

    2. Mail a completed application packet to EAA (EAA Government Relations Department, PO Box 3086, Oshkosh, WI 54903)

Upon receipt of this completed packet EAA will review it, write the required organization letter, and then submit the packet to the FAA NEB office (with a copy returned to the applicant).

FAA AB and LSA DAR Qualification Training Courses: The FAA is conducting the initial LSA DAR prototype qualification course this week(December 14-16), much like it did with the first AB DAR training course in December 2003. Once completed, the FAA will set 2005 AB and LSA DAR qualification course training dates.

For questions about the application process, please contact EAA Information Services or EAA Government Relations toll-free at 888/322-4636.

EAA Aviation Center, 3000 Poberezny Road, Oshkosh, WI 54902
Phone: 920/426.4800

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