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EAA and Sportsplanes.com have joined forces to encourage people to pursue the fun and benefits of becoming licensed as a Sport Pilot. Under the terms of the new relationship, both organizations will mutually promote activities that explain the benefits and requirements for a Sport Pilot rating, as well as the opportunities that exist to begin training or to own a light-sport aircraft. Sportsplanes.com will provide a free one-year EAA membership to student pilots who make their first solo flight in pursuit of a Sport Pilot rating.

If the student already belongs to EAA, that student will receive a free one-year membership renewal. The awards for the solo flight will be presented through the Sportsplanes.com national network of Sport Aircraft Regional Centers (SARCs).

”We approached EAA because of the time and effort they put into making the Sport Pilot program a reality for all of us,” said Josh Foss, president of Sportsplanes.com. “Having turned the idea into reality, EAA is now in a position to inform and promote sport pilot to the public through its impressive resources. Meanwhile, Sportsplanes.com is providing the infrastructure that will allow people to realize their dreams of becoming a pilot.”

The agreement is supported by EAA’s ongoing work in its publications, through the AirVenture Fly-In, and extensive publicity program to reach the general public, attracting and informing people who might like to consider becoming Sport Pilots. EAA’s website dedicated to Sport Pilot aviation,
www.sportpilot.org, will carry a link to the Sportsplanes.com website and will list the flight training schools that are part of Sportsplanes.com's SARC program, among other resources to help prospective sport pilots.

Bob Warner (left), Josh Foss (center) and Tom Poberezny have signed a letter of agreement that will unite efforts to promote and service the new Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft programs.

“EAA played a major role in advocating and developing sport pilot as a simplified avenue into aviation,” EAA President Tom Poberezny said. “Sport pilot significantly reduces an individual's cost and time demands in the pursuit of recreational aviation. Now we're compiling resources to simplify our members’ search for tools to help them get into the air.”

For more information on sport pilot visit
http://www.eaa.org or http://www.sportpilot.org, or visit http://www.sportsplanes.com to learn about flight schools and sport aircraft sales.

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