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BRP Rotax GmbH has issued a declaration of compliance for its 912 and 914 series engines, stating that its four-stroke engines meet ASTM Standard 2339-04 for engine design and manufacture. That makes Rotax the first manufacturer to publicly declare compliance to the ASTM engine standard. Rotax engines are one of the more common engines used in many ultralights and light-sport aircraft.

The models and serial numbers of engines designated as ASTM compliant are:

    912A, S/N 4410660 onward
    912F, S/N 4412888 onward
    912S, S/N 4923163 onward
    912UL, S/N 4407160 onward
    912ULS, S/N 5644817 onward
    912ULSFR, S/N 4430116 onward
    914F, S/N 4420471 onward
    914UL, S/N 4419024 onward

In the announcement Rotax stated, “No features or characteristics are found which (sic) would make the engine unsafe provided it is installed, operated, and maintained in accordance with instructions and limitations as defined by Rotax-approved documentation.” The company added that the engines also comply with the quality system for record keeping and instructions for continued airworthiness.

Rotax is currently working on finalizing the documentation for two-stroke engines and will issue a declaration of compliance for those engines at a later date.

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