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The 120-hp, Jabiru-powered Indus Aviation Thorpedo was awarded its airworthiness certificate as a special light-sport aircraft on June 8, making it the first United States-manufactured aircraft to earn that distinction. The all-metal aircraft, modified from the original T211 designed by John Thorp, is manufactured at Indus’ Dallas, Texas facility.

Scott Severen, Indus sales and marketing manager, said the Fort Worth Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO) awarded the certificate after making a thorough inspection of Indus’ facilities, documentation, and design specifications. Severen added, “This wonderful achievement—designed and manufactured in America—is the result of plenty of teamwork at Indus, and has been a collaborative partnership with the Fort Worth MIDO. The FAA was exemplary in its support and assistance. But, this would not have occurred without the vision of Ram Pattisapu, owner of Indus Aviation, and Rahul Rajvanshi our engineer, who has really earned his keep in the past few days.”

Fort Worth MIDO Manager Vaughn Schmitt stated, “This is a great accomplishment for Indus Aviation. We are proud to partner with Indus in issuing the airworthiness certificate for the first light-sport aircraft produced in the US.” FAA inspector Rick Murdock issued the certificate.

John Thorp originally certificated the T211 under FAR Part 23 regulations in the mid 1940s. Other Thorp designs include the Piper Cherokee, P2V Navy Bomber, and the T-18, the first homebuilt to fly around the world. Indus has taken the original T211 airframe design and updated the powerplant to a lighter, more powerful six-cylinder engine, and updated all instrumentation. The result is a lighter aircraft that delivers improved performance.

Severen added that Indus expects to certificate the T11 Sky Skooter, which is powered by the four-cylinder, 85-hp Jabiru 2200 engine, in the near future.

For more information contact IndUS Aviation, Inc. 5681 Apollo Dr, Dallas, TX 75237 214/337-6387; e-mail sales@indusav.com, or visit www.indusav.com.


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