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The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Sport Pilot Tour, which opens the exciting new world of sport flying to people throughout the country, will be kicking off its 2006 spring/summer schedule in the Atlanta, Ga., area on April 29.

The start of the new tour schedule comes after the grand success of the final fall/winter tour stop in the Phoenix/Mesa, Ariz., area in February.

“What we have discovered in our Sport Pilot Tour stops this fall and winter is that people are ready to go flying now, with the lower time and cost barriers now available through the sport pilot rule,” said Bob Warner, EAA senior vice president. “EAA has brought together the airplanes, the instructors and the potential pilots in one place in our tour stops. Once these groups get together, the enthusiasm and passion for flying come naturally!”

The April 29 tour stop will be held at Gwinnett County Airport in Lawrenceville, Ga., just northeast of Atlanta.

Other upcoming stops, with more likely to be added, include:

  • Apr. 29: Lawrenceville, Georgia (Atlanta area)
  • May 6: Smyrna, Tennessee (Nashville area)
  • June 17: Romeoville, Illinois (Chicago area)
  • Aug. 19: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Dec. 2: Riverside, California (Los Angeles area)
  • Dec. 9: San Diego, California

The EAA Sport Pilot Tour arrives in each location with the information and tools needed to seize and enjoy this recreational-aviation opportunity, for both experienced pilots and new fliers. That includes some of the brand-new, ready-to-fly light-sport aircraft and informative talk sessions to help people get started in this new facet of personal flight.

The tour shows people how they can get into the sky as a pilot with less time and expense than ever thought possible. Hundreds of interested pilots and potential aviators discover that sport pilot can make dreams of flight a reality in well-manufactured, safe aircraft and with thorough instruction.

The EAA Sport Pilot Tour includes many activities and programs, including:

  • Forums that explain what you need to begin realizing your own dream of flight;
  • Flight instructors that will answer your questions on how to get started;
  • Aircraft available now for fun flying, at less than half the cost of a traditional small airplane;
  • Representatives from EAA staff and local chapters, who can show you the fun, flying and friendship waiting for you in the world’s largest recreational aviation organization.

More information is available at http://www.sportpilot.org/learn/tour.html.

EAA worked with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for more than a decade to create a category of pilots and aircraft to meet the needs of those who fly purely for recreation. Sport pilots can be new entrants to aviation, experienced aviators looking for a simple, back-to-basics way to enjoy flying, or those who want to build their flying skills and eventually pursue more advanced piloting.

“We’ll be showing our members, other aviators, and the public that this is an exciting time for recreational aviation, which is rapidly moving to the fore as an affordable outdoor-adventure pastime,” said Ron Wagner, EAA manager of field relations, who has met and talked with thousands of aviation enthusiasts about sport pilot during the past year.

FAA will participate with EAA during these tour stops, giving credit for “Wings” safety seminar attendance for participating in Sport Pilot Tour safety programs related to light-sport aviation. Other tour highlights include sport pilot forums, education for flight instructors, issuance of student sport pilot certificates, plus light-sport aircraft manufacturer displays and demonstrations.

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