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The deadline for completing the E-LSA registration, airworthiness inspection, and certification process to convert “fat” and two-place ultralight trainers to experimental light-sport aircraft (E-LSA) is January 31, 2008. The FAA set August 15, 2007 (next Wednesday) as a milestone for submitting the registration forms. The FAA established this milestone date out of concern that if everyone waited until “the last minute” to start the process, it could not handle the workload and then people would miss the deadline.

If you fail to get the ball rolling by the August 15 deadline, that does not mean you’ll be unable to make 1/31/08. “The final deadline is what is important,” said Charlie Becker, Director of EAA Aviation Services. “Unless you make multiple errors or have an unusual situation, you should be able to complete the whole process in four months. The key is to get started now and do it correctly the first time.”

To make things easier, EAA’s E-LSA conversion kit and Step-by-Step Conversion Guide has all the necessary forms and clear instructions to complete the process. To order the kit, call 800-843-3612, or do so online through the EAA website.

The first step, registration of the aircraft, takes about four weeks if the paperwork is correct. An error will cause about a four-week delay, so it’s very important that you closely follow the instructions in conversion guide.

Once the registration process is complete, the airworthiness inspection takes from 4-6 weeks to schedule and complete. Therefore, you should be able to complete the whole process in four months. EAA is ready to help you through the process, so if you have any questions, call 877-359-1232.

The FAA established the following milestones to ensure that your registration and certification packet will be reviewed and your E-LSA aircraft inspected in sufficient time to meet the January 2008 deadline:

By August 15, 2007, you submit your aircraft registration (N-number) request to the Aircraft Registration office, and;

By October 1, 2007, you call your local E-LSA DAR to schedule your E-LSA airworthiness inspection, and;

By November 30, 2007, you submit your aircraft airworthiness certification request packet to either an FAA FSDO, an FAA MIDO, or your local E-LSA DAR Ask your local E-LSA DAR which office should receive this packet.

If you need assistance to convert your aircraft to an E-LSA, contact EAA at 877-359-1232.

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