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Aircraft - Special Light-Sport Aircraft (SLSA)

Can I earn a repairman certificate to maintain a standard category aircraft that meets the definition of an LSA?
I am a CFI. My student has necessary experience for light sport license and I find him competent and proficient in his LSA Taylorcraft. Now he wants a checkride with an examiner but the examiner will have to be 100 lbs or less to remain under gross weight (with 1.5 hrs fuel). Can he use a cessna 150 (not LSA) for his Sport Pilot checkride?
Will EAA be offering any Repairman Certificate-Maintenance courses?
Is there a chance the maximum gross weight will be raised?
Can a LSA aircraft do aerobatics?
what is the overall best LSA to buy?
Can a commercial pilot with a valid medical fly a S-LSA higher than 10,000 MSL?
Can a Sport pilot fly an SLSA aircraft equipped with lights at night?
Which speed is limited to 138mph, is it IAS or TAS?
I understand the difference between LSA and E-LSA but what's the difference between LSA and S-LSA (other than the S-LSA is a special LSA)?
Can I fly a LSA over the ocean and if so are there any mileage limitations. I am interested in flying to the Bahamas.
I know I need prior permission. Who and how do I get permission to fly my LSA from Tucson, AZ to Mexico? What forms do I need?
How big do N numbers need to be?
I did not see the Zenith 601 on the list of sport pilot airplanes. Will it be eligable for a sport pilot license holder?
Are fuel injected engines allowed under the sport pilot rule?
What is the horsepower limit on light sport?
Can avionics be added to to either SLSA or ELSA aircraft after purchase?
Is there anything underway to increase the gross weight of sport pilot airplanes?
As a soon to be sport pilot in the US, I am trying to determine if used Murphy Elite, Rebel, Renegade Spirit, Maverick meet the following requirements:

*Its country of origin must have a bi-lateral agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration.
*The aircraft must be eligible to operate in its country of origin.
*The aircraft must meet the consensus standards developed by the ASTM industry group and accepted by FAA.

I have come across a few that have N numbers, but can't tell if I will be legal if I buy one. If you can provide an answer or better yet, a link to the answers, I would appreciate it much.
I am a retired military pilot. After about 18 years of not flying I decided to try trikes under the Sport Pilot program. That went nowhere because of so few FAA recognized instructors/evaluators in weight shift. I talked to one trike manufacturer at the recent NWEAA Fly In and he said numerous trike pilots are returning to their ultralights because the Sport Pilot program isn't working out for them.

The instructors I have met apparently come from the ultralight school. We had an altimeter because the field is sandwiched between legs of the GA pattern and there are altitude restrictions. What bothered me some was no airspeed indicator. If a weight shift aircraft is licensed wouldn't it have to have an airspeed indicator to meet the minimum instrument requirements? Also wouldn't the training from an instructor from the ultralight community thus be different from one with FAA qualification as a weight shift instructor? (The instructor I had didn't seem to think there was any particular value in having airspeed.) I've flown thousands of hours in helicopters and could probably get along much of the time without an airspeed indicator but that doesn't mean I didn't use one, even flying VFR. There are many times refering to instruments is useful and helps you be more precise and in control.
Can you kindly provide me a listing of all two-place, tricylce gear, enclosed cockpit aircraft, standard and experimental, which meet the Light Sport Aircraft category?
I have an AirBorne trike with a rectifier for 12 volt powered accessories. Does this require me to have to install a mode C transponder to land at an airport underneath class B, but within the 30 mile veil? I did not know if any ELSA with a Rotax / rectifier constituted "an aircraft with an engine-driven electrical system"
I have been told that there is a maximum empty weight for a light sport aircraft as well as a max takeoff weight of 1320. It is suggested to be 890. Is this the case?
my student bought a ch-601 zodiac. what is the best way to file or get flight following, what is aircraft type atc will recoginize?
Which of the S-LSA are certified for IFR flight?
Is there a database that list airports at have Auto gas?
Can a SLSA be operated from a D or C airspace. I am at a D airspace airport and would like to buy and offer training in a light sport aircraft in my community.
What are the requirements of a Repairman Certificate-Maintenance?
What is the correct wording for a log book entry to show completion of a Condition Inspection
I am a licensed A&P mechanic but do not hold an (IA) Inspection Authorization, can I perform annual condition inspections for light sport aircraft (S-LSA) or (E-SLA)?
I live about 100 miles from my company and am interested in purchasing a lsa to travel to work. Can a lsa be written off as a business expense?
How is maximum continuous cruise power defined? Is it a brief, but not sustainable power setting, or is it a setting at which I may cruise all day?
I own a SLSA (FlightDesign CTSW). I am confused as to actual requirements for aircraft inspections. The plane is used only for private non-commercial uses. Do I need 100 hour inspections? Do I need Annual inspections?
does a sport plane require an annual inspection, if it requires it how in-depth are they and how costly are they?
Who can provide airworthiness certificates?
As a current private pilot license holder, can I fly a light sport aircraft at night?
When completing the Aircraft Bill of Sale form 8050-2, what goes on the line after "Purchaser", where the form says "AND TO (enter the name of the) EXECUTORS, ADMINISTRATORS, AND ASSIGNS TO HAVE AND TO HOLD SINGULARLY THE SAID ARICRAFT FOREVER AND WARRANTS THE TITLE THEREOF:" ?
Does 14 CFR 91.205 apply to light sport aircraft, specifically powered parachutes certificated under S-LSA rules? I have seen references to 91.205(c) applying to LSAs flown at night, but 91.205 specifically states "aircraft with STANDARD category U.S. airworthiness certificates."

My interrest is as a private pilot wishing to add a powered parachute rating to my license. Unlike the sport pilot license, this requires night flying experience. Are there any powered parachutes approved for night flying and, if so, what governs the equipment required?
What is the FAA definition of a motorglider?
Can a lightsport aircraft be aerobatic?
If a light sport aircraft is fitted with a glass cockpit, does it have to have any back up instruments?
Under what conditions and FAR's can a VFR day only airplane be flown legally after sunset or before sunrise if any. FAR 91.209 question
I'm looking for a two seater with dual controls. I see that you've got quite a list of planes in various categories, but I don't see any mention as to whether these are dual control planes or not.
Since an ORIGINAL J-3 Cub meets the LSA specifications, is it recognized as an LSA aircraft?

If so, why don't traditional aircraft like the J-3 appear on your list of LSA aircraft.
The SLSA I am looking at has a night lighting package compliant with FAR part 91. My question is can I operate a LSA at night with my private?
What is a Special-Light-Sport Aircraft?
Is it possible to train for Sport Pilot in a Cessna 150, and if so, how many additional hours would I need to switch over to the Gobosh 700s? I was informed that going from yoke, to stick and rudder, would get me killed.
If I owned an ELSA or SLSA could I use it in an aerial photography business? What if it was homebuilt under 51%rule?
Which rules apply for Flying LSA Aircraft outside the US (Europe)? Does LSA meet ICAO Standards ?
I sm looking to purchase an aircraft that meets the LSA definition. It looks like there is a nice aeronca 11CC for sale. I see that the aircraft has a gross weight of 1350 lbs. Now, this appears to be 30 lbs heavier than the max qualifing weight. Is this correct?
Can be certificated a twin 30 HP engines aircraft as an LSA?? a plane like the French Cri Cri.
Do the ASTM standards require that SLSAs used for IFR flight meet the requirements for IFR specified in FAR 23, e.g, FAR 23.1323 para. d? In fact, is it even legal to fly IFR in an aircraft which doesn't meet the IFR requirements in FAR 23?
I read that Cessna demonstrated a LSA at EAA Air Venture at Oshkosh. Will this be discussed in the Sport Pilot magazine.
Can non certified avionics (Grand Rapids, Blue Mountain, etc.) be put in certified S-LSA aircraft?
Is there an engine horsepower limitation for SLSA or ELSA?
What is the the significance of VsubH?
I can't find a difinition for it anywhere!
Can the 45 kt. stall speed be met with flaps down or is it the flaps up (clean) stall speed.
Can a LSA such as the Flight Design CT be used for traffic watch flights. Part 91 local flying rental by the hour.
to date, what slsa/engine combination have produced best fuel economy @ speeds in 130-138 mph range??

Can the katana da20 a1 qualify and be registered as a light sport aircraft?
If I build or buy an experimental or light-sport aircraft, and do not plan on flying IFR, or in A, B, or C. airspace, or under their veils, or over 10,000 feet MSL, must I have a transponder with an electrical system?
Are any of the new planes aerobatic?
What is the most economical pre-built two seat aircaft available under the sport license cert? Something the wife and I can enjoy together.
If one was to get a license, would one be able to take a passenger in any 2 seater trike?
how hard is it to find a LSA for rent if I'm out of town and whant to fly?
I am about to license my homebuilt v-max. It does not have an electrical system and therefor no transponder. So, I live in the Phoenix area with it's class B airspace. What are my choices. Stay 33 miles away from Sky Harbor? Find a battery powered transponder with mode C? Am I exempt without an electrical system even though it's brand new?
Are turbocharged engines allowed to be used in Light Sport Aircraft?
1. Where is the best starting place to find a used sport certified ac for sale?

2. What manufactured ac are sports certified?
I read that an S-LSA can be re-certified as an E-LSA. This could help with inspections and repair with the proper courses. But are E-LSA not allowed to fly over congested areas thereby making them not so desireable....?
What difference does it make, as far as operating limitations, if the sport pilot airplane has a 912S (certified) engine or a 912ULS (non-certified) engine?
I am an A&P. What is the proper wording for a log book sign off for a Jabiru light sport annual condition inspection? (Airframe Log? - Engine Log?) Do I need a propeller log? None was provided from the factory. Rex Myers EAA #0228564
Is there a limit on how long a Special Light Sport Aircraft may be used for Instruction or Towing for hire? I seem to recall some mention of a 5-year limit, but the nearest thing I can find is 91.327(f) which states other limitation perscribed by the FAA.
Are there any production or kit built Light Sport Aircraft capable of mild aerobatics, i.e., loops, rolls??

Is there any limitation towards a commercial operation which rents LSA to the public; not as a flight training function?
What are the operating expenses of a two seater Light Sport Aircraft or Sport Light Aircraft in dollars per hour?
What is the structural strength requirement for LSA, e.g. is LSA a 3.8g airframe?
Stall speed for a light sport eligible Experimental Amateur-built aircraft is listed as .... "A maximum stalling speed or minimum steady flight speed without the use of lift-enhancing devices (VS1) of not more than 45 knots CAS at the aircraft’s maximum certificated takeoff weight and most critical center of gravity."
What constitutes "lift enhancing devices"? Flaps? Vortex Generators? Any other such devices that I can't name?
The local A&P school is interested in teaching the 120-hour repairman coarse, but they say the local FSDO cannot tell them what is required to be taught. Where can a person find a list of the required skills to be taught in the 120-hour course?
What is the difference between an E-LSA and an experimental that fits the definition of LSA?
Can a light sport motor glider have a feathering or folding prop? Retractable landing grar?
Can a light sport aircaft be used for commercial purposes? (example sight-seeing tours)
What will the maintenance requirments be for a light sport specific flight school using only light sport planes.
Even though EAA will not be sponsoring any Repairman Certificate-Maintenance rating courses itself, do you know of any other provider who is currently offering this course?
Hi I was an ultralight pilot back in the 80's, also received my privet pilot certificate during that time and the drawback to ultralight was place’s you could fly was very limited, manly because of liability issues and uncontrolled airspace.
So the question is has any thing changed under LSA, such as adding LSA airports to sectional charts, or being able to talk to flight service stations for assistance, one other thing I have looked into is having access to BLM forestry land for remote camping, at the time it was possible but very difficult, some pilots I talked to said they did it, and as long as no one said anything they don’t make a big deal about it.
Is there anything in the works with the FAA to increase the gross allowable weight for aircraft in the LSA catagory?
Can A&P mechanics due Annual Inspections on Experimental and Light-sport aircraft? If so what FAR would I find it written?
My A&P IA mechanic says he can work on Rotax engines installed in any aircraft. The Rotax importer says he isn't legal to work on a Rotax installed in an S-LSA unless he has taken the factory approved repair/maintenance courses. Who is right?
Does EAA offer a test kit for alcohol in gas?
What is the minimun equptment required for ELSA and SLSA Aircraft? Does FAR 91.205 apply?
can the holder of a sport pilot license pilot a LSA from the US to the Bahamas? How about other countries? What countries recognize the US sport pilot license?
Can I give training in one of the older LSA eligible aircraft such as a 65 hp Luscombe, Champ, Taylorcraft or Cub etc, or will I need to buy one of the new and expensive factory certified SLSA machines to give training in?
I am a student pilot in th process of obtaining my sport pilot certificate. I am buying an LSA? Can I acquire my private pilot certificate in an LSA?
If a Sport Pilot check ride in an Ercoupe 415C with the original Ercoupe controls is restricted to only an Ercoupe, could one get a check ride in a SLSA using conventional rudder controls and later transition to an Ercoupe with only a CFI sign off?
Can a flight instructor give a flight review from the ground for single place lsa?
Do I need permission to fly to Canada with my SLSA? If so, how do I proceed?
Regarding the 16 hour course to attain inspection authorization for ELSA aircraft. On the the FAA website for existing aircraft what verbiage needs to be in the Category and Certification for an existing aircraft to fit this Course. Interested in purchasing an LSA/ELSA that I can do the annual/inspection on.

Also can an SLSA be re-certified to ELSA to fit this category?
I am a current instrument rated pilot considering the purchase of a new certified LSA. If I maintain my rating can a properly equipped LSA be flown on an IFR flight plan, in IMC and at night with the proper equipment?
Our club is trying to determine which of its gliders can be flown at sport pilot. They both meet the weight limits, but we were wondering about the top speed criteria. What speed is used to determine which gliders qualify? Vne does not seem appropriate, since other sport planes have vne higher than 120kts.
What I want to be able to do with the S-LSA Sport Cruiser is to fly what I call “light” IFR which I define as having the ability to climb through a thin layer to get “on-top” (which is certainly safer than scud running) and make instrument approaches never lower than 1000 & 3.

Since I am ASMEL and current instrument rated what instrumentation do I need to have in the plane to be able to do this type of flying?
In one question weight was discussed at length. I understand that the maximum takeoff weight of 1320 or 1430 lbs for seaplanes has to be continuously met.


1) What if the specific aircraft is only certificated to 1225 lbs. Would its E-LSA registration be revoked if at one day the TO weight was a bit more, say 1250 or 1300 lbs, or only if it was to exceed 1360 or 1410 lbs?

2) I did not understand the weight taken for the pilot and the passenger of 180 lbs. What is that number used for?
I am a current LSA student pilot. If, when I get my certificate, I were to use an LSA aircraft to go to a business meeting but did not take the aircraft operating costs off as a business expense, would that be in violation of the use of the LSA certificate?
Are there any girocopters that are classified a a light sport aircraft?
If someone wanted to buy a glider that is being manufactured completely by a company, turn key, but it is not yet certificated as a Special Light-Sport Aircraft (SLSA) what is needed? I am curious as no gliders have been qualified yet.
I am looking for an S-LSA with a useful load of around 600 lbs, cruise speeds of 110+ kts and, most importantly, baggage capacity and room to store two lightweight golf "Sunday Bags" and clubs. The intent is to have an aircraft that can take my wife and myself on weekend trips to regional golf courses.

These do not seem to be extreme requests for the US market, and a Cessna 150 would probably meet all of the requirements, but it is not an S-LSA aircraft.

So far, I have not found any S-LSA aircraft that meet all of these criteria. Have you found any that do?
Can you explain the rationale behind the rule that Light Sport airplanes cannot fly above 10,000 feet?
Please define Maximum Continuous Power and how it is determined?
To whom do you report safety hazards on SLSA aircraft?
Can an FAA repair Station (avionics) work on an LSA? Plane started life as exp. now spec. Airworhiness says LSA. LOCAL FSDO says we must be further trained. Thoughts?
Can a light sport aircraft obtain a standard airworthiness certificate if all the necessary equipment is installed to allow for commercial operations? How difficult of a process is this?
I am just starting ground school for my private piolt and am considering changing over to Sport Pilot. My only question is with a Sport Pilot Certificate what limitation will be imposed as to the range or area I can fly,( 50 miles - 500 miles) if any other than certain restricted areas. ie what radius (in miles) from the airport and what "site" in the regulations would cover this if any? Thanks
Since all modifications to SLSA aircraft must be approved by the manufacturer, what happens down the road when the inevitable happens and your manufacturer goes out of business?
If I exceed the time limit for a 100 hour inspection by 40 hours what do I need to do?
are there any light sport aircraft that are currently "grounded" by the FAA?
Can an SLSA ever be downgraded to an ELSA and if so, how is that accomplished?
I live in Western Kentucky where can i find someone who will do the annual on my SLSA Remos G-3 ?
May I fly a LSA to Canada, Mexico and /or the
Is an ELT required in my 2-place SkyBoy plane
I recently flew in an SLSA in Key Biscayne FL where I learned of the Sport Pilots License and aircraft. I would like to get my license and keep a plane by the water near my home. Will I also have to have a maintenance license to maintain the engine/plane? How can this be acheieved?
What wind speed limitations do these aircraft have? For example, what crosswind component (max) would prohibit safe landings and safe flight?
I have a powered parachute that I had the airworthiness inspection done on march 25 of 2006. Do I have to have the annual done before march 25 of 2007 or can I have it done later as long as I don`t fly it till the annual is done?
I am a PPL w/ current medical. Can my S-corp buy an SLSA as a business expense where I use it not for carrying passengers but for making insurance inspections in other locations.
I am planning to start a small fractional ownership company for Light Sport Aircraft. Are there any regulations that would prohibit this?
Is there a sport pilot license or equivalent in Canada?
Can SLSA aircraft be used for IFR flight instruction?
Are there any SLSA aircraft certified for IFR?
Can a light sport aircraft be used for rental to other than persons doing flight training. Can I as a sport pilot or private pilot rent an SLSA?
I am an A&P mechanic an have been asked to preform maintenance on a SLSA. Where is the best place for me to find rules and information about working on SLSA aircraft?
I own a S-LSA. The manufacturers maintenance manual states that for "ordinary servicing of the 912 ULS engine", refer to the Rotax Operators Manual. The Rotax operators manual states the use of their maintenance manuals. The Rotax Line Maintenance Manual clearly states the person performing the work must have the following requisite knowledge; Rotax approved training OR Experience in performing the task AND formal instruction from a Rotax training facility OR on the job instruction by a Rotax distributor representative. My question is can I perform an oil change if I have been instructed my my A&P who is Rotax trained and is current?
where can i find a list of A&P mechanics to inspect my lsa?
Is there any model of LSA that uses a traditional yoke, instead of a joystick?
Can you get your private pilot's Certificate in an S-LSA aircraft?
I have a commercial sel pilot cert. Can I give Air Tours for compensation in an aircraft like a Sport Cub by Cub Crafters? Of course this is assuming meeting all the other FAR's applicable to air tours for hire.
What currently approved LSA's can an instrument rated pilot legally fly IFR or at night?
Can a commercially rated glider pilot fly a light sport motorglider for hire?

Can I have a simple autopilot installed in a SLSA and signed off by an A&P? Or do I have to have approval from the planes Manufacturer?
Can a US Registered SLSA be flown in Mexico and/or Canada? Can a SLSA be sold to a Mexican Citizen and exported to Mexico?
Can a Technam Bravo (or other LSA) be used in a commercial application (aerial photography, not charter) as long as the pilot has a Commercial rating?
Are there any LSA that are certified for spins?
I own a SLSA. Can I convert the plane to ELSA so that I (as a Repairman Certificate-Inspection holder) can do my annual inspections?
In the June Sport Pilot you mentiom that the Gross for Amphibs has been raised but you didn't say what the new figure is ? What is it ?
I am planning to buy a S-LSA and would like to fly it into Mexico. I have a commercial pilots licence and a III Class Medical. Is this permitted? (I just joined EAA by e-mail today)
I am a private pilot with a current medical and about ready to purchase a Flight Design CTSW. Can I legally fly this airplane/engine at night?
When filing a flight plan what should I tell the briefer concerning aircraft type? I own a AeroPro EuroFox and am considering listing it as a C150/A when filing? Is this legal?
I am aware that an S-LSA cannot be certified for IFR flight. If the S-LSA is equipped with the appropriate instruments could the aircraft be used for Training an IFR student? With the understanding you can't go actual IFR. Could the Aircraft be used for Instrument Competency Check or IFR Proficiency training?
In searching, I only found Rainbow Aviation offering a 120 hour LSA Repairman course. Are there others?
I live in San Francisco. I want to get my Light Sport Maintenance (LS-M) certificate for aircraft.

Have any schools been ok-ed by the FAA and if so, where are they?
When filing a VFR flight plan on DUATS the type of aircraft needs to be specified. Their directory does not include my aircraft a light sport Aerostar Festival. How do I get my aircraft listed in the directory? The only other listing that may qualify is "ZZZZ" & list the actual aircraft in remarks.
I was wondering if there are any special problems/hurdles that might occur from trying to start a flying club that would fly only LSA(s)?
How much fuel does the typical light sport aircraft hold, and how many miles can be flown before refueling? When you refer to 50 mph stall speed, does that mean the speed as you approach landing? How many feet of runway is required for the typical take-off and landing? I live in AZ and would want to fly in to Mexico, how difficult is it to get approval to fly into popular Mexican airports?
Cub Crafters [Yakima,WA]states the maximum continous HP for LSA
aircraft is 80.They rate their new LSA at 180 hp for 5 min.and
80 continous.The 0-200 is rated 100 hp continous and is used in
many LSA aircraft.What do find yhe FAA regs?
Does a manufactured (complete) SLSA require a certified engine and certified instruments?
I have a freind that has a UFM-13 Lanbada and in his book it has rlsa-m for sign off on 25 hr inspections. What does it stand for
For a factory build LSA, what are the guidelines for upgrading equipment? For example, can the owner have a qualified mechanic install "experimental" components to the aircraft? Certified aircraft use certified components. Experimental aircraft can use what ever the builder chooses. But once an LSA aircraft leave the factory, who has the say so on what additional equipment/or replacement parts are allowed?
I have a manufacturer in Ukraine that wants to export their aircraft as an LSA. What are the steps towards certification required? I do not believe there is a bilateral treaty between US and Ukraine.
GRYF Aviation affiliated with fly Italia and produced the AVEO sport rider sport plane. How do I get information on purchasing a sport rider plane?
Has the Gross Weight Limit of 1320 Lbs been increased to allow the addition of a BRS.
Can I buy an registered SLSA and re-register it as an ELSA?
Repairman Certificate-Maintenance courses? What A&P schools offer this training?
I heard rumors that there is an intent to change the way in which an aircraft's empty weight is calculated so as not to penalize the use of certain heavy safety equipment (such as an aircraft parachute) in the calculation of an SLSA's MTOW (or to raise MTOW to reflect the safety items).
What is involved in getting a PPC approved/certificated to be qualified as an E-LSA or SLSA after the Jan. 2008 deadline. This would be for a currently produced German design.
what additional equipment, if any, is required for a light sport plane, such as strobes, etc
I understand there are no aftermarket STCs permitted in the S-LSA category, only mods that are factory approved. If I want to make a non-factory-approved mod to my S-LSA, does it become an E-LSA or an experimental exhibition aircraft?
I'm looking to buy an LSA, either SLSA or Standard Category. There are so many, and the info on each is usually just sterile data from the mfr. Is there any source of unbiased ratings of available LSAs to save me from researching innumerable pubs trying to separate the cherries from the lemons? Ideally, I'd like a list of LSAs with several characteristics rated on a grading scale of 10, say.
Does a SLSA need an anti-collision light like 91.205 states for night flight?
What are the differences between the certified O-200 and the new LS O-200 and is the new one available now?
My local maintenance facility was given information from our local FSDO that he cannot work on my SLSA until he has a detailed maintenance manual, quality manual and a parts manual. All I am trying to do is change a tire on a matco wheel assembly. They will not do the work till the said items are in place. What documentation must he have to work on this simple SLSA.
If I have private pilot rating with an instrument rating, can i fly a SLSA under instrument flight rules as long as the aircraft is equipped properly? Could I also instruct as an instructor provided I have a instrument instructor rating?
Can a commercial pilot fly an SLSA aircraft for commercial operations (not flight training, but say, rides, for example) provided it is not contrary to the manufacturers limitations and/or contrary to the aircraft's operating limitations?
If I buy a new single engine aircraft (SLSA) with 20 hours and do not rent it out or use it for instruction until the tach has 30 hours, is the hundred hour inspection due when the airplane tach has 100 hours or 130 hours.
I am a Canadian. I have in the past owned a US registered aircraft by having it in a corporation with a voting trust in favor of a US resident. Can I do the same with an LSA aircraft? Can I fly my LSA aircraft to Canada?
Zenith claims to have a fully certified IFR SLSA; are there any other? If so please send me details as I would like find out what is available.
I have a commercial certificate. Can I tow a banner with my trike for hire? i.e. a banner tow business
Are kits from manufacturers who do not assemble aircraft for sale in the SLSA category capable of being certified according to the applicable consensus standards?
I saw a picture of a SLSA in a chapter ad in a recent Sport Aviation. It was a composite tail dragger with a T tail and what looked to be a radiator below the prop. What brand of aircraft was that? I'd be interested in researching it for possible purchase.
I own a S-LSA with a Rotax 912S engine, which is the certified version. If I obtain a Light Sport Repairman/Maintenance certificate can I maintain the engine or only the airframe?
Can my S-LSA, night-flight lighting equipped, with the 6-pack instruments (StingSport TL 20000), be used to train for my PPL and used for the PPL practical?
Where can I find the operating costs of various LSA fixed wing airplanes?
If I hold an LSA Repairman Certificate with a maintenance rating and have 30 months of experience maintaining SLSA aircraft, does that allow me to meet the A&P experience requirements in FAR 65.77?
If I buy a used (2006) but new never flown Outback Ultralight how do I go about getting the S-LSA designation and what does it cost.
Can you provide me a list of LSA and standard catagory that is a high wing, can be put on amphib floats and most importantly has folding wings.
Can an SLSA Trike ever be converted to fly in IFR. or beyond the SP VFR rules?
Are there any limitations for towing gliders with an SLSA?
Discriminates Against Bigger Pilots - It seems that the LSA standards use a typical pilot weight of 190 lb (i.e - you usually see useful loads with full fuel as 380). I know lots of pilots who are over 200 lbs. Why didn't they set the standard as the max gross weight of the plane to be 1320 lbs. Then you could accommodate safely larger pilots (normal people). So my question is, how can contact the governing body to get this changed?
As a Private Pilot, exercising Sport Pilot privileges, can I receive and log IFR training in a properly equipped SLSA from a CFII? The SLSA does not have manufacturers IFR approval, but all operations would be in VMC conditions.
For S-LSA not built in U.S.,Is the weight and balance data required to be converted to Pounds/Inches? Where is the requirement written?
Are there any LSA (SLSA) aircraft that can do aerobatics? Is this allowed/forbidden by the rules for LSA aircraft?
What is FAA requirement for Manufacturer's qualification to build an S-LSA?
I owned a c-150 from '78 to '88 and routinly prefomed owner allowed maintenance and assisted my machanic with annuals. I have recently bought an slsa that my partner and I leaseback and was told that under the new sport pilot category that the owner is not allowed to do any maintenace supervised or unsupervised on this plane. Is this true?
I am a commercial rated pilot with ASEL and Glider. I'm also a current CFI-Gliderinstructor. What has to happen to instruct in light sport airplane
Can a pilot with a commercial airplane license with a private glider rating operate a single-seat S-LSA glider in commercial activities?
what are the rules for someone who has the schooling the training and the years of experience working on aircraft engines and aircraft who never got their license to work on civilian planes [USAF]? Can they do the work on their own LSA.
List FAA documents related to lsa motor gliders
What is the latest om ASTM standards for IFR LSAs?
I would be interested in purchasing an LSA, but only if it is approved unquestionably as an IFR aircraft
I want to find where schools are located where can I take training to obtain a inspection/maintainence cert. for SLSA aircraft.
How exactly does an industry consensus work? Who approves a specific design, and how does the approval process work? Is there any check and balance for quality, performance claims etc.?
I am interested to know about the rules regarding flying a US Sport Aircraft (SLSA, not ELSA) in Canada - I live near the Canadian border and have flown standard certificate aircraft there for many years.
Interested in purchasing a New Light Sport Aircraft that is flown by a "Yoke" and the possibility of Aluminum or Comoposite skinned. I have not been able to find one. Can anyone help me with this?
Can an SLSA be transitioned to ELSA status?
If one changes the airworthiness cert on their SLSA to ELSA, are they then free to alter the operating limitations of the airplane and/or the configuration? For example, 1) suppose the MTOW as an SLSA was 1200#, could it be raised to 1320# as an ELSA? 2) suppose the aircraft was manufactured to +/- 6g, could one get the operating limitations changed to permit certain aerobatic maneuvers as an ELSA?
Would like to purchase the book that is used in the Sport Pilot Repairman Certificate Course, prior to attending the required class. Please provide the name of the book and publisher.

Thank You,
If I purchase a SLSA and am a qualified Sport Pilot, what do I need to preform maintenance on my AC and 12 month inspections, 100 hr. inspections, etc?
Wondering about rental of slsa planes? See in the regs. only allowance for flt. training - no mention of straight rental, in91.327??? Know probably ok as long as for proficiency, but what about straight rental?
As an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic, what do I need to do to do condition inspections on SLSA aircraft?
How can I get a copy of the ASTM consensus standards?
I tried www.FAA.gov but got lost...
I'm trying to stay informed of all the changes.
Are there any range or fuel restrictions on light sport aircraft.
How many standard LSA manufacturers are there? Not being familiar with the industry, I get the sense that there are few if any large manufacturing companies (i.e., there seem to be no "Cessna"-like companies manufacturing standard LSA). Perhaps I'm just naive, but are there established companies in this regard?
With a repairman certificate-maintenance, can I recover an E_LSA or S-LSA?
What is involved in switching a SLSA to the ELSA status and would I then be able to take the 16 hour repairman course and inspect the plane myself.
Must a light sport aircraft manufactured as a ready to fly aircraft (S-LSA) use certified components (e.g. A certified engine such as an O-200) just as any other certified aircraft?
I understand that a light sport airworthiness certificate (ELSA or SLSA) is only valid in the US and therefore prevents Canadian operation. Does this also mean that a licensed private pilot flying under standard category rules cannot fly the LSA plane into Canada ?
What specifically must an S-LSA aircraft manufacturer do to approve/authorize addition of avionics (other than what the manufacturer normally offers)? I read that the manufacture must authorize the installations and provide appropriate installation guidance.
Can an aircraft manufactured as an S-LSA later be registered in the Standard Category and flown as such by a licensed private pilot with a current medical ?
I am an EAA member with a pilots license and medical. Can I fly a U.S. registered light sport aircraft into foreign countries like a standard aircraft or are there special rules to comply with to bring in a light sport?
Can a new S-LSA manufactured and certificated in the US be flown in Canada? Could it be registered in Canada?
I see that under LSA, a repair certificate is available and the course is slightly over 100 hours. I was an aircraft mechanic in the army working mainly on light observation aircraft. What, if any part of this experience would be applied to the equivalency, if such is allowed, for meeting the requirements for the LSA maintenance certificate?
In the Sept. 2007 issue of Sport Pilot magazine Earl Downs says "the Owner/Operator of the S-LSA...is responsible for complying with all manufacturer-issued notices of corrective action". In what form must these notices be issued to have the "force of law"?
I need to get my SLSA trike annual but can not find a A&P-IA do do the inspection. Do you have a list of mechanics in TX ?
You can do what I am contemplating Purchase of a Tecnam Sierra LSA aircraft. I have asked this question of the dealer, and have not received a clear response. The Question is. Am I constrained to purchasing the Package Avionics, the dealer offers. Or Can I purchase the Base aircraft and then take it to a Certified Avionics shop, and have them install the avionics of choice. In this case a DYNON D100/180 system, with Autopilot and DYNON Servos Just announced by DYNON, and to be released by March 31, 2009. Including the DYNON based Autopilot Software package. Am I constrained in terms of LSA regs, in making this deviation away from the Manufactures comparable Glass Panel EFIS/EMS system. I am simply of the opinion the DYNON system offers more flexibility and future support.
Can an SLSA that meets part 91.205(d) requirements be used as an IFR trainer even if the manufacturer has not approved the plane for IFR?
How do I get a N number for a weight shift trike that comes already built
Are there any new schools that offer the LSA 120-hr repaiman certificate training BESIDES Rainbow Aviation?
Can technician work hours on LSA contribute as an experience towards obtaining A&P mechanic certification?
If one were to buy a ready to fly LSA such as the RANS S7, what would be the options available to equip it with floats? Would this have to have been included in the original ASTM certification or can it be done in a "one off" procedure?
What is required to give instruction in a currently listed SLSA.... (EuroFox)? Are there provisions for Rental of the same aircraft?
We are thinking of using a Samba LSA to tow gliders but there seems to be some confusion. Can I use a LSA to tow any glider ? Or must the glider that is being towed also meet the definition of a light sport aircraft ? In Europe there does not appear to be a restriction allowing a heavy 2 place glider to be towed by a LSA.
I am involved in the certification of a new S-LSA "manufactured outside the United States". Does the weight & balance report have to be in Pounds and Inches? Does it also have to provide forward and aft limits?
Can a licensed aircraft inspector (AI) do the annual condition inspection on my factory built LSA?
Once I get my certificate, other then buying an aircraft, is there a low-cost way of renting a LSA aircraft? Please explain.
Can thihs category of plane be flown into Canada?
Is spin testing part of the ASTM standards for S-LSA category aircraft?
I am a licensed pilot and have an instrument rating. Can I fly an LSA aircraft using IFR? An example would be a Remos GX assuming the plane is appropriately equiped.
Is Transport Canada looking at having a Canadian equivalent to the US Sport Licence?
As a sport pilot and flying a Remos GX aircraft which has a special airworthiness certificate, is there any minimum age limitation for passengers that I could take for a flight?
Can I learn spins with an instructor in a SLSA and practice this manoeuvrer solo in a SLSA?
Do SLSA have a utility and normal weight category?
Do SLSA have a saftey margin, like a Cessna 172, in the load factor between the approved loading and the breaking point?
Many SLSA are produced outside the USA. They are constructed with DIN/metric nuts and bolts. Is there a ready source of these fasteners? So far All I can find are companies that sell large, wholesale quantities. Tnx. Mark Julicher A&P IA
I own a E-LSA that was factory built (even has factory placards)in the USA, but was before the S-LSA designation was brought to light. Can I register it as an S-LSA?
I own a german registered ultralight Eurofox, which is according to the slovak manufacturer 100% identical to the Aerotrek A240. Can I register the aircraft as an S-LSA when I move to the US? Someone stated, this is not possible, because the aircraft was registered as an ultralight abroad.
Some models of the Ercoupe Qualify as LSA.
Since they are factory built do they also qualify as SLSA ?
A friend and I were discussing sport pilot and LSA aircraft the the question came up about flight training in a special light sport aircraft, such as a Flight design CT. Can a private pilot flight instructor train a person to earn his or her private rating in a SLSA aircraft? I was thinking no, that a SLSA could only be used for sport pilot training, not higher ratings. Could you please shed some light on this for me, I would appreciate it. BTW, were both EAA members and are excited about the new magazine format.
What do these planes cost??
What documents need to be on-board a LSA? (AROW?)
Is an ELT required for all 2-place LSAs, such as an Evektor Sportstar?
I am trying to locate any sort of flying club or LSA partnership. Many different searches, Google has not helped. Any hints how to find either an LSA club, or an open partnership?
I'm 6'6" ans 300 lbs is there a LSA that I could be comfortable in? I have a SEL certificate.
Can I use an S-LSA Airplane for Commercial (for Hire) Photography work? I have a commercial pilot certificate.
Is it possible for a brand new standard category foriegn aircraft (that satisfies the LSA definition)to become an SLSA or ELSA when the paperwork to get US airworthiness certificate is filled out? If so what are the FARs covering that?
If the electrical starter motor of a LSA were used in flight to supplement the power of the gasoline motor for short periods of time (based on battery capacity, my guess is a few minutes at most), would that violate LSA or S-LSA rules? Would that additional power be exempt from the "Maximum Continuous Power at sea level 120knots rule"?
I am an A&P. Can I perform the annual condition inspection on an SLSA aircraft? The manufacturer refers to the Rotax maintenance manual which says anyone performing maintenance on the engine must have authorized training on the rotax engine. Thanks, John
I want to do my own annuals on my SLSA. What courses do I need to take and how many hours are they. I am presetly a private pilot.
Can a commercially rated pilot use a S-LSA aircraft for radio/television station traffic reporting? This is not a commercial flight as there is no person or property being flown for hire.
Hi you said in one of the responses there is a clear path for manufacters to to certify thier glider aircraft to SLSAs Where can I find this information, where should I start and what are good references for me to know about to study this process. Thank you
Can an ELSA (kit built) or SLSA aircraft be operated after dark by a pilot with a private pilot license? Can it be operated in IMC by a pilot with an instrument rating if the aircraft is equiped with appropriate intrumentation?
If a annual conditional inspection has been performed on a special LSA by an IA, does the certification change to experimental LSA? IF the next annual is performed by an IA or A&P the may the aircraft be flown in its original certification SLSA?
Is a 337 form required if a JPI fuel flow meter is installed in a special LSA aircraft (American Legend). The installer is an IA.
I have recently seen SLSA planes giving rides in the Florida Keys. How is this possible? not flight instruction, (unless thats how they get away with it)actual signs that say "see the Gulf of Mexico from the air!" Is it legal to give airplane (seaplane) rides in and SLSA? how about if it's experimental?
I am considering ordering a new SLSA aircraft manufactured in Slovakia with a sole US dealer. The terms of the purchase requires a 50% downpayment at time of order. Is there any way to protect the monetary investment should the dealer/manufacture go through a bankrupcy or some other reason not delivering the aircraft?
It appears that SLA aircraft made and sold in Europe have higher MTOWs. than the very same models sold in the US. Is this a paper issue or are these aircraft physically restricted to the US TOW limitations.
Can I banner tow in a S-LSA like the Cubcrafters Carbon Cub SS I would like to start up a company using this aircraft.
Is there an exception to the 2 seater Rule If it is a toddler who has to stay with its parents like on a long trip
Why would not the Aeromatic prop be legal on a lght sport aircraft? It is FAA certified, fits on light sport horse power planes and is not ground adjustable?
Can a light sport aircraft be equipped with a turbocharged engine as long as the plane meets all other LSA requirements? (for example a turbocharged VW engine)
I own an slsa, can I rent it out to my instructor to teach other student
Is there a site on the EAA website where I can see a picture of all the LSA?
Can a evektor sportstar s-lsa be imported to the us from canada?
1.Do S-LSA aircraft have something similar to an AD that requires mandatory compliance. This question applies to S-LSA engines as well. If a factory produced S-SLA uses a Jabiroo engine, are there some type of ADs that may be subjected to them.
2. Is there a 51% rule in E-LSA Kit aircraft? The EAA source book implies only minor assembly may be required for kit airplanes in this category.
Luscombe 8-LSA, How is this aircraft LSA Qualified but the Luscombe 8F is not? The difference between these two aircraft is that the 8-LSA has a larger engine.
I understand that if a normal category aircraft fits and is flown under the SLSA rules that Airtwothiness Directives still apply to the airframe, Engine and Propeller. Are there Airworthiness Directives written against SLSA aircraft and if there are who keeps track of those documents. I'm curious, if a safety factor surfaces on a SLSA who alerts the public and how is it done. I searched the web and could not find safety related issues on SLSA aircraft and if there are such documents who maintains that list.
Suppose an S-LSA manufacturer sells an aircraft with one of the avionics options being the use of a TSO'd component, such as a King radio. If an AD is issued on the TSO'd component, and there is no Safety Directive issued by the ASTM manufacturer on the affected radio, does the owner of the aircraft have to wait for an additional Saftey Directive from the ASTM manufacturer before taking any action, or should he comply with the AD (assuming that the AD specifies immediate mandatory action)? In other words, does the ASTM manufacturer always have the first and last words on any airplane component, even if that component is TSO'd?
If I have a pilots license and want to "build time", can I do so in an LSA or other ultralight? Does it "count"?
If there is a (1)RTF foreign aircraft (2)that meets the LSA requirements and (3)is legal to fly in its country of origin (and that country has a bi-lateral agreement with the FAA: can it be sold by a distributor here in the United States without conforming to ASTM standards?

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