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I applied for a third class medical and the FAA wanted additional tests. I did not complete them due to the cost. Is this considered a denial?
What is meant by “valid” state driver’s license?
What medications would prevent me from obtaining a Sport Pilot license?
For the past several years the FAA has granted a special issuance in order to fly with a second and third class medical. If I let my medical expire without applying for a new one, will I be able to operate as a sport pilot using only my drivers license?
The FAA denied my medical a couple of years ago because I take an antidepressant. My doctor certified that the antidepessant in no way would impair my ability or judgement while piloting a plane. The FAA stated that "no one" taking antidepressants may pilot an aircraft. Have they backed off that position?
i'm currently a private pilot with a current medical. If I choose to simply let my medical expire without applying for another one, am I automatically a sport pilot, since my medical wasn't denied?
I hold a private pilot's licence but let my medical expire when I had a pacemaker/defibrillator implanted. Until recently I thought I'd be able to use my driver's license and fly as a sport pilot if I can self-certify. But I just read an article (http://www.leftseat.com/sport.htm) which claims that an implanted pacemaker is still forbidden. Can you tell me if this is so?
Is there a sport pilot license that does not require a medical?
How hard is it to get a sport pilot license if I am diabetic?
What if Your Medical Has Been Denied?
Is there a list of medical conditions that would be cause for a medical to be denied? If there was a person that was questioning his or her medical, could be pre-examined by their family doctor?
Flying my SLSA into Canada seems to require a medical certificate. Since I am a sport pilot, can I substitute my driver's licence?
I am a certificated pilot and my last medical was denied in 1980. I was told previously that this was a legal issue and not a medical one.
Is EAA actively pursuing a solution to this Catch22 problem to allow pilots with a valid
driver's licence to fly under sport pilot?
Fit pilots are grounded while those with the same medical condition are allowed to fly.
This a real problem and should be solved!
I want to earn my sport pilot certificate; what are the medical requirements?
I was training for my ppl when I had a heart attack. I have recovered and its has been 6 month since the attack. My Doctor has OKed me for flight. Since I havn't been denied for a a medical certificate by the FAA could I drop back to Sport Pilot training?
I have a private pilot certificate (VFR/SEL) and about 600 hrs. but developed Type 1 insulin-dependant diabetes. I did not tell the FAA but grounded myself and let my Class 3 Medical Certificate expire. I have a valid Mass. driver's liscense with no restrictions. Can I be a Sport Pilot with no further medical documentation problems?
I currently hold a Sport pilot ticket and No 3rd class medical. Question is, if I decide to pursue a private ticket and fail my medical or 3rd class, will I lose my sport pilot certificate?
I'm 68 and in good health although I've had a three valve bypass, with no indication of any heart problems. I haven't tried to get my physical reinstated since the operation. I hold an ATP and have over 20,000 hrs. what are the rules for my getting a sports flying license.
Can I qualify for a sport or recreational pilot's license if I am taking the drug Effexor?
I was denied a medical for vision reasons in 1980. I do have a drivers license. My questions are:
How long does the FAA keep records of medical applications? It seems my old application is keeping me from flying. If I had never applied for the medical, would my drivers license be sufficient for certification now?
Lets say Im a private pilot with a current medical. I decide to fly a LSA for a few years so I let my medical expire. No problem. Later I decide I want to go back and fly a "standard category" aircraft for a while so I try to renew my medical but am denied. What then? As I understand it I would not be eligable to fly LSA any more or even get a sport pilot licence from scratch. So as a private pilot you have two choices: Never try to renew your medical, or risk renewing it and never fly again if it is denied. Is this accurate?
I currently have a Private License and active Third Class Medical. I have recently been prescribed Mestinon for Myasthenia Gravis. I know this medication is not FAA approved even thought it has corrected the problem with no sided effects. I feel confident in my ability to pilot an aircraft. Can I get a Sport Pilots License? Would I need a Medical? Also, I am half way through building a Velocity Canard 4-seat pusher aircraft. Would I be able to fly this with a Sport Pilots License?
I was denied a medical certificate. Can I still fly ultralights? Two seaters?
Is there a list of medications that are approved or disapproved by the FAA?
In the new Sport Pilot Rules with regard to medical ccertification, what is the definition of "withdrawn" in regards to a special issuance third class medical? If I have a third class special issuance medical now and elect not to apply for renewal, have I "withdrawn" and therfore not eligible to exercise sport pilot priveleges?
After a diagnosis of cancer in 2000, and being declared cancer free in 2003, I obtained a special issuance 3rd class medical. I have had that renewed and am due this month to take the physical again. If I do not make application, am I allowed to fly as Sport pilot? I am a high time ATP rated pilot.
I held a third class med special issuance for 5 yrs. I let it lapse 3and a half yrs ago. I was not denied, am i eligable to fly light sport?
I am an existing pilot. If the FAA requests that I surrender my medical, and I do so, can I self certify and fly LSA?
I have a private pilot license. I was diagnosed with Diabetes a couple of years ago so if I want to keep my 3rd class medical I need to have my doctor write a letter to the FAA and hope they will give me my medical. Can I fly a sport plane? My medical has never been denied but I do have to jump through loops.
I am a retired airline captain but can no longer hold a medical because of a recent diagnosis of diabetes. I have NEVER been denied a medical. I just let it expire before my diagnosis. I obviously have an ATP and also have a current CFI. Can I fly as a PIC in Sport Aircraft without a medical? I do have a valid drivers license.
I just started on a new medication and the label says, “May cause drowsiness” and “Use care when operating a car or dangerous machinery.” Am I able to fly when taking this medicine?
I have 20/400 uncorrected vission in one eye and 20/2- uncorrected vission in the other eye.
I am on a mild high blood presure medication.
I currently have a California commercial drivers licenes and a current DOT medical.
Would I qualify for a sport pilot cert?
If my medical was denied for prescription antidepressants, and the prescription is no longer necessary, can I reapply for the medical?
Years ago I had passed the medical part of the license but it has expired now, I have had 2 heart attacks and am on medication, would I be able to get a license and fly a LSA?
How can I check the status of my most recent medical application with the FAA?
A couple of years ago, I took the FAA physical and passed with the exception that the physician wanted a test to confirm I was kidneystone free. I haven't gotten around to taking the test but the EAA and Cessna have piqued my interest with this light sport thing. I assume that I have an "incomplete" (and therefore a denial) on my record which (from reading your website) I gather would keep me from getting a light sport ticket without being retested. I don't ever recall hearing from the FAA regarding my test. How can I find out if I've been denied a medical due to incomplete tests?
In 1991 I got a 3rd class medical passed the writen. Before I took my check ride I had a medical problem and have made the mistake of trying to get my medical which has been denied. Is there any course of action open since I never got my licence?
I have to take synthroid daily. The doctors told me that if my thyroid doesn't become normal after I've fully developed and stopped growing, I'll be on the medication for the rest of my life...Will this have any effect on my ability to become a pilot?
If I aquire my sport pilot certificate and decide to continue on to the private pilot certification and I do not pass the physical, will I lose my sport pilot ticket?
Regarding Private Pilots utilizing Sport Pilot privilges via self medical certification after loosing medical: If a medical has been lost (high blood pressure) and then regained, can a Private Pilot continue flying indefinitely (as safe) by self-certifying medical condition via a drivers license?
I have a pacemaker that they say is working full time. I do not have a defibrillator. have no restrictions on my drivers license.
Dear Sir,
1. If I get a Sport Pilot license and then later decide to get a Private Pilot license, but am denied a medical, can I continue flying as a Sport Pilot?
2. I have some training as a Private Pilot, but discontinued training due to costs, time, etc. Will I be able to get a Sport pilot license?
If my 3rd class medical certificate has been denied 2 years ago, may I apply to be a sport pilot if I have a valid driver's license?
I was denied once for a medical because I am a diabetic. I since complied with the requirements and received a Class II Medical Certificate. It has since lapsed and I have not tried to renew it. I believe my situation should not be considered having been denied. Am I right?
I have been in training for a private pilot's license and have completed all the requirements including the written exam. I have had to get a medical waiver which involved a physical every year instead of the customary two year requirement. If I switch to Sport Pilot, will I still have to get a waiver, or is the driver's license enough to fill the requirement?
I was issued a 3rd class medical cert. which is valid for "Student Pilot Purposes Only". The FAA wants the PE to verify my vision during my flight test.
If I let this type of special issuance expire can I still get my SP without getting a new medical?
My son and I are interested in learning to fly as something to do together. He wants to go with a private pilot rated instructor friend. If I take the same lessons up to solo, can I transfer the training over to LSA and then SOLO? I'm 65 years old and in reasonable good health except for having type B Diabetis and probable couldn't pass the flight physical, I also don't want to the mountain of paperwork the govt. requires. Therefore, LSA route would benefit me if I want to fly. Your thoughts.
I have passed my last 3 rd class medical and the FAA wanted more tests. Because of the cost of the test I chose not to have them done and sent the medical back. Does this constitute a failed medical? Can I still get a sport license?
I was issued a special issuance third class medical by my AME under Title 14 of the CFR's section 67.401. The certicficate expires aug 31 2007. The Manager, Medical review brand sent me a letter outlining tests they want me to send them on or about June 2007 so there won't be any lapse in my certification. If I don't send these in can I just go to sport pilot status?
For the past 9 years I have been issued a "special issuance' medical certificate with yearly Tread-mill testing after by-pass surgery, although the medical certificate is not so noted. If I fore-go my next years physical can I fly an LSA on my drivers license?
If I became a Sport Pilot and then decided to continue my pilot education towards Private pilot status. However, on the medical application I was denied, would my Sport pilot license be revoked/unusable?
Can you medically self-certify to fly an LSA with the knowledge of a condition that would keep you from getting an FAA third class physical?
What time frame applies to the phrase, "since your most recent physical" that resulted in a denial? IE,consider a denial of a 1stclass medical 22 -23 years past and none applied for since. Would this still affect the LSA pilot use of Drivers License as qualification?
Hi, how can I as a foreigner from Germany get started? Currently I do not have a US drivers license. Do I need a Class 3 medical or are there other possibilities?
Are there any consequences if a pilot that already has the Sport Pilot Certificate applies for the third class medical and does not pass?
I hold a valid Private Pilot certificate, SEL, but have not been able to afford flying for almost 20 years. Naturally my medical is expired. I believe I could apply for a Sport Pilot certificate and fly indefinitely. But if any time after that I apply for and fail an FAA medical, say to resume flying as a Private pilot or better, I would also lose the privilege of flying Sport class?
I have surrendered my medical certificate to the FAA. Since it was neither denied, revoked, suspended nor withdrawn do I qualify to fly the LSA with a driver's license?
I lost the vision in my left eye due to an accident 6 years ago. I have a valid drivers license, acutally a commercial drivers license, and have never had an FAA physical. Would having vision in one eye prevent me from obtaining a sport pilot license?
When I stopped flying a few years ago I was being treated for depression after the death of a family member. I think that my medical was suspended. How can I check my flight status? To fly under the sport license, do I have to get another medical to remove the suspension and then either renew it or let it expire? Will any treatment with antidepressants exclude a pilot from a medical or sport license?
My husband is 72, had his prostate removed and now will be going through radiation (prostate cancer) Also will be doing androgen deprevation treatment. He owns and flies his own plane. Will his pilot license be suspended?
I've been a private pilot since 1976 but a few years ago I suffered an heart attack. This resulted in bi-pass surgery and a defibrillator implant. I subsequently (and voluntarily) sent in my medical certificate to the FAA. Will I be able to fly as a sport pilot with my valid state drivers license?
I have medical conditions that require medications which would probably cause me to be denied if I applied for a medical. Therefore, I have not done so. My medical conditions are all under good control, and I am medically stable. I have a valid state drivers license. Can I legitimately self certify, and fly an LSA?
I am an 81 yr old private pilot flying an S-LSA. I recently passed my class 3 medical and soon after found I have prostate cancer. It is apparently confined to the prostate so the doctor is recommending "watchful waiting" and prescibing medication that is not on the FAA's banned list. As long as I feel good and able to fly safely can I legally fly my plane?
The FAA issued me a one year medical on which it states it expires on a certain date. Is this a medical denial?
Can a pilot with a current class 3 or other physical, who has had a stroke recently, drop down and use his drivers licence to fly a light sport airplane without involving the FAA medical people?
I have seen SLSA in Mexico and was trying to find out if there is any way of returning US customs always ask for a medical certificate and license. When returning from outside the US. Can a sport pilot return from outside the US with by showing a driver license?
Good Morning,
I know The FAA does not allow some medications for Private Pilot. Does this hold the same for Sport Pilot? I will be using my Drivers License when I go for my sport pilot certificate.
If I would fail my medical, and still have a valid drivers license, could I go into the Light Sport Aviation?
I have a private pilots license and had a valid medical. In 2000, I was diagnosed with clogged arteries and had an angioplasty done. Being honest, I notified the FAA and submitted 2 inches worth of medical documents. The FAA approved this and issued me a new medical. They also required me to have annual tests done to renew my medical.

Due to other factors, I didn't continue flying and let my medical lapse. A couple of years later, I had a stent put into my artery, and have been in great condition since.

My question is this. Since my last medical was FAA approved, can I fly under Sport rules using my drivers license??
I'm a amputee: right arm, above elbow. I've had a valid state drivers license since my accident, but wouldn't this injury disqualify me from a LSA-type aircraft?
If an AME becomes aware of a disqualifying medical condition during the effective period of an issued FAA Medical Certificate, is that AME required under any rule or regulation to inform the FAA of that condition at that time?
I have a private pilot single engine land; instrument. In 2003 I had a heart attack. I did not fly and I never went to renew my medical. It therefore was never denied. Am I legal to fly a light sport with my commercial drivers license?
I was a student pilot with about 40 hours. I had a restriction on my medical with regard to color blindness. I have not flown in a couple of years due to monetary restrictions. My questions are 1. Will my color blindness restriction effect a student pilot rating, and 2. Can my hours be used towards the student pilot rating?
I understand I need a driver license in lieu of a medical. I may be facing a 180 day revocation of my drivers license. I will have a restricted work license. Can I finish my sport pilot training, and fly? Or will I have to wait till the revocation period is over.
Where can i find my FAA medical history?
If an inactive private pilot is taking medication that will prevent him from receiving a 3rd class medical, does the FAA consider this a known medical condition that would disqualify the pilot from becoming a sport pilot?
If I am denied a III medical would that disqualify me to fly a motor glider, e.g. Pipistrel or Xenos, which do not require a medical to fly?
I entered an alcohol rehab center and gave up my medical. Can I fly a LSA without a current medical since mine was revoke.
I was issued a medical with the endorsement "Not valid for any class after October 31, 2008". I question whether this statement precludes flying on my drivers license.
I have a special issuance 3rd class medical certificate which is good for two years (over 40). One requirement is that at 1 year I submit some basic test results otherwise the 3rd class isn't valid for the 2nd year. I want to move over to sport pilot and don't intend to submit any further medical test results. Is there a chance the FAA would consider non-submittal an incomplete application and issue a denial or does it just lapse since it says "No longer valid after" the one year date.
can you fly a lsa if you are on medication with your drivers licence?
If i am denied my medical certificate due to me not getting them the info back within 30days and i choose not to go through the appeal process, how long do i have to wait before i can just reapply through an AME and just go through the process over again, when i have the cash.
If one is denied a third class flight medical, can one still fly as a sport pilot using one's driver's license?
I have recently received a special issuance for a third class
certificate. Can I proceed from this point on with my drivers
licence in obtaining a sports pilot license/certificate, or do
I periodically have to renew my medical special issuance.
Having had my 3rd class special issuance medical withdrawn in February due to a stent implant, what is the process for becoming a light sport pilot?
I have a commercial multi instrument license. My medical has expired and has not been denied. Can I fly light sport without getting a medical? How do I get licensed?
In the 80's I had a problem with blood pressure. I challenged and took some tests and was issued a medical. I last flew in 86. I did not take another physical. (Ran out of Money) Am I eligible for a sport pilot license??
I just learned of the Sport Pilot Certificate. Way back in 1992 the FAA revoked my medical certificate. Can I still get the Sport Pilot Certificate, based on my current valid drivers license.
Our local CFI recently had to send in his medical certificate to the FAA while it is being reviewed due to a medication issue. Is he still able to legally fly and instruct as a sport pilot instructor?
I received an AUTHORIZATION FOR SPECIAL ISSUANCE OF A MEDICAL CERTIFICATION letter along with a new 3rd Class certificate good for 6 months. The letter states what I must furnish to avoid a lapse in certification. The new Certificate states: "Not valid for any class after September 30, 2008." If I let this Certificate lapse, can I then fly under the Sport Pilot rules using my drivers license?
I am a private pilot with an expired medical certificate. It has not been denied, revoked etc. I want to become a CFI-SP and meet all of the requirements. Can my US drivers license be used in lieu of a medical certificate?
Thirteen years ago I applied for a third class medical certificate. Because of a medical problem the application was denied. The FAA requested additional information which I provided. As a result a third class medical certificate was issued. The letter stated the following, "At the time of your next Federal Aviation Administration medical examination, please ask you aviation medical examiner to submit with the report of examination a current CVE in accordance the enclosed specifications." I did not renew the medical certificate when it expired. Does this disqualify me from flying under sport pilot rules using only a state drivers license?
I have a special issuance license medical which expires the end of March 08. I have already sent my "s.i." info to Omaha. Is it possible to ask Omaha to let my third class medical expire rather than give me a year extension? All I really want to fly is sport pilot.
I have a 3rd Class Medical with special issuance. Can I fly as Sport Pilot when it expires?
I was denied a 3rd class student medical during my training to become a private pilot. Does this denial effect me the same way it effects a private pilot (as far as not being able to use my drivers license for my medical) to obtain a sport pilot certificate?
Do I need a 3rd class medical to start as a student in the gyro?
I hold a valid drivers license in my state and I'm deaf. I meet all the other requirements for a Sport Pilot license. Will the deafness prevent me from getting a Sport Pilot license?
I have a special 3rd class medical with an expiration date of 12/30/2007. Can I just forgo the medical exam and go direct to the sport pilot level?
My medical lapsed a few years ago while in Japan and I transitioned back to the U.S. If I get it renewed and hold a Private Pilot license is that all that's required to fly my Challenger II as a Sport Pilot?
I've had a right leg amputation at the hip due to an auto accident. My question is would this keep me from being able to become a pilot. It was a dream of mine since I was young and don't want to give up on this dream.
If I was denied a 3rd class medical can i get a licenes in a different contry and it be valid in the United States.
"Best to make sure you will pass the medical prior to getting the physical". This is a quote from one of your answers. How do I go about being sure before I face the AME.
I have allowed my III Class Medical which was issued on a waver with annual medical qualification required (following By-Pass surgery five years ago) to expire without attempting to get it in force again. Can I now use my state driver's license for the purpose of establishing eligibility for Light Sport flying?
Can you hold a third class medical if you are on blood pressure medication?
Technically I have been denied a medical because all information was not included during a physical for private. Can a person take the physical at a later date or is that person grounded forever?
About four years ago I submitted an application to FAA for a private medical. My application was submitted by my AME. Because some descrepencies in my mwdical history were found I was required to submit additional medical info to the FAA. Because of conflicting scheduals between my doctor and my work, I did not get the information in to the FAA on time. A letter was written by me to FAA to cancel my request for medical at this time till info could be obtained. FAA consequently denied my medical. Is there any recourse I can take to try and renew my third class application or apply for Sport Pilot classification.
Whats the age requirements and what is a 3 class med cert
For physical reasons I could no longer continue working. I applied for and was awarded social security disability. As I am not yet dead, I'd like to build and fly under the sport pilot rule. Would doing so and regestering as a sport pilot with the FAA cause a problem for me with the social security administration? thank you.
I have a benign heart Dysrhythmia that goes away on the treadmill. I have never applied for a pilot license because I was told that the cost to maintain my medical would be somewhere between ouch and boing. I am a working person in one of the allied health fields and definitely, not rich. As I read some of the information tonight it seems that a sport pilot certification and perhaps eventually, a motorglider kit like the Virus would be viable options for me.

Am I correct or should I give this up now as a pipe dream

Thanks in advance for your input.
I have a US Commercial license and instrument rating and a Canadian PPL neither of which are current. I live in a border town and have easy access to US airport facilities. Will my Canadian drivers license suffice for the medical requirment for the LSA license?
What are the medical requirements for PPC/WSC private pilots? Can you use your Drivers License and self certify?
I need to have a stress test each year in order to satisfy the FAA to renew my third class license. The license lasts for one year & then I have to submit testing & Dr. letters to the FAA to renew the license for an additional year.

In the event that I do not renew my license but continue to drive with no problems, can I become an LSA Pilot (after passing the LSA test). Or by not renewing, does the FAA cobnsider it a denial of my 3rd class license and as a result, not being able to meet the LSA requirements? Make sense? (By the way, I am an EAA member #745036)
In 1989 my original application for a 3rd class medical
was held up pending additional test requested by the FAA.
All requested medical records were submitted and I recieved
the 3rd class medical in 1990. I have held a third class medical since then. Can I fly Sport Pilot with a valid drivers liscense?
If you did not pass your most recent medical exam what can you do to fly light sport
If I am denied a medical, what are my options? I am aware that without at least a clean Class 3, I cannot fly LSA. I am also aware that I can fly ultralights. Can I also fly gliders? The FARs seem to suggest that, since a medical is not required for balloons and gliders, the medical certificate status is irrelevant.
I hold a private pilot certificate. My medical expired several years ago. If I fly sport pilot in a qualified craft for A lenght of time, can I take and possibly pass a 3rd class medical and go back to flying with a private license?
I have a second class medical and it has expired.could i get an extention on this or what do i have do do to validate it
I'm considering obtaining a LS/CFI. I haven't seen anything that says what level (type) medical that's required. I am a private pilot with third class medical.
I am coming from Germany and holding the FAA PPL SEP with Complex and HPA endorsement. If my medical expires do I still have the right to fly a LSA with my national (german) drivers licence legally.
My 3rd class medical is current until April 2011. i may not be able to pass my eye exam then, due to a retina problem. If I dont pass it, can i qualify as a sport pilot with my drivers license.
Does a pilot that wishes to be a Sport Pilot Instructor need a medical or will the drivers license suffice?
While taking flying lessons in a Cessna 150, I took the class 3 medical exam and failed. I now want to fly LSA. Will it be possible to fly LSA with a valid driver's license after denial of class 3 medical exam? Will the FAA change its regulation on such a circumstance?
I have monocular vision. Does that disqualify me for LSA? I drive ok and my driver's license has no vision restrictions other than correctable to 20/20.
Can the foreign pilot, who has US private pilot license but not current medical certificate can operate LSA as PIC with International Drivers License? If not, is there any means to fullfil LSA license requirement for foreign pilot?
My 3rd class medical was removed by the FAA due to lack of medical reports in a timely manner.Can I still get a sport pilot license? I have over 4980 hrs of accident free flight time , but I am over 63 years old.I am rated in ses,sel and rotor craft helicopter.
If I was denied a medical certificate can I still fly a glider
Whats the law on eyesight? I have non corrective vision and i wear glasses but i have a valid drivers liscence and have never had trouble getting one, so where do i stand on flying sport/utility?

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