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Question :
In your January 2007 issue of Sport Pilot magazine, Earl C. Downs implies in his article "Can We Talk?" that with the endorsement from FAR 61.325 comes the ability to fly in Class B, C, and D airspace. Now, is that only with reference to radio work, or does it also include the provisions concerning Part 91 (61.325 (c)?
I have received an endorsement for Class D, but was told by that instructor and another that each class is to receive its own endorsement and that 61.325 is not a blanket endorsement for all three. Part of my confusion is a sentence that reads, "However, a sport pilot is not required to have flown into each of these classes of airspace to receive the endorsement for all of them." The word endorsement is singular, not "...endorsements for all of them."
So, my question is, do I have an endorsement for Class C to go along with my stated Class D endorsement? Or, will Class C have to be endorsed separately?
Answer :
So long as your instructor used the standard Class B/C/D airspace endorsement you only need to get it one time. You do not need a separate endorsement for each class of airspace.

However, read the endorsement that your instructor gave you and make sure it is the standard endorsement as found in the endorsement guide published by the FAA Light Sport Aviation branch. If it is not, you should ask the instructor to give you the appropriate endorsement.

Also, remember that if you are an existing private pilot or higher you don't need any endorsement in order to fly within any of these airspace classes. This endorsement is only require for pilots who hold only a sport pilot certificate.

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