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Find a DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative)

In order for an amateur-built or light-sport airworthiness certificate to be issued to an aircraft, it must be inspected by a representative of the FAA. This can be either an FAA employee or a private individual who has been designated by the FAA to perform these inspections. This designee is called a Designated Airworthiness Representative, or "DAR". Due to budgetary and manpower restrictions at FAA offices, most applicants will find it more expedient to work with a DAR.

Not all DARs are authorized to do all types of airworthiness certificates, so a person who needs a certification inspection must find a DAR who is authorized to issue the particular type of certificate desired. Use the following links to find a DAR who can issue the type of airworthiness certificate you seek:

For Special Light-Sport Aircraft DARs, click here.

For Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft DARs, click here.

For Experimental Amateur-Built Aircraft DARs, click here.

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